Swizzle – Flooded @DdotSwan

Swizzle’s “Flooded” is a track that has a balance of three main components. Originality, lyricism and showcase of the current sound in Hip-Hop. Swizzle’s goal was to display that he could master the sound of today’s generation without compromising his integrity as an emcee. The catchy chorus and hard hitting bass provided KaCe the Producer is the icing on the cake for the perfect collab. “Flooded” serves as the epitome to the old saying “best of both worlds”.

The BarGod! Better known by his stage name Swizzle, is a 25 year old starving artist representing Southern California. With a noticeable influence from the battle rap scene, Swizzle has transcended his love for the acapella sport into the music industry. With powerful displays of lyricism, aggression, charisma, and originality, Swizzle is a force to be reckoned with.

With such a unique arsenal, tracks performed my Swizz such as “Flooded”, “No Games” and “Bump” really showcase just how diverse this West Coast native can be. Alongside his fellow artists on the NCG roster, Swizzle’s explosive delivery and distinct style is enough reason to keep in tune for what he has in store for the Hip-Hop culture.

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