Ezza CG – Care 4 @ezza905

“Care 4” is the breakout video from Ezza CG’s debut album Enlit, directed by Ryan Skursky. The track features wavy cloud rap production from Russian beatmaker Chiveer, and icy cold flows accompanied with soul-warming lyrics delivered by the writer in effortlessly smooth fashion. Blissed-out visuals transport the viewer to the Niagara Gorge, showcasing the hidden gem that is Niagara in more ways than one.

Hailing from Ontario’s Niagara Region – just south of Toronto – Choom Gang has been running the local scene since 2015 after the untimely passing of their mentor chuck Nyndees. Now we can find them pushing beyond their locale to the vast frontier of the internet, in a charge lead by their eccentric frontman Ezza CG. Ezza released his debut solo album Enlit independently through the gang’s platforms in July 2019, and has teamed up with Skursky Productions to unload an onslaught of accompanying visuals for the project. Ezza cites Kanye West, Kid Cudi, A$AP Rocky, and Lil B as his main influences – and this is clear through his unique brand of dreamy, fun-but-deep, “life ain’t so bad after all” rap.

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