Benjamin Major – Silhouette @BenjaminMajorUT

“Silhouette” is the lead single off the album “Warm Winds, Summer Nights Pt.II” which will be self released by Benjamin Major on September 20th, 2019 and was produced entirely by LA native, YOUNGNOTHiNG.

Hailing from Salt Lake City, artist Benjamin Major first broke onto the hip-hop scene back in 2015 combining the sounds of what some would call, “The Golden Age of Hip-hop” with the new wave contemporary sounds that are emerging in the genre today.

From multiple mixtapes, EP’s, collaborations, videos and a self released album titled “Tripsitter,” Major has yet to pump the brakes on pushing the boundaries of modern day music and continues to bring something new to the table with each release. Inspired by the likes of Kid Cudi, The Doors, MGMT, Kendrick Lamar and plenty more, Benjamin Major is a refreshing sound for all types of music lovers.

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