#WeTrapFEST by WeTrapMusic.blog |@wetrapmusic (Events)

2019 marks our 5 year anniversary of WeTrapMusic , and what better way to celebrate than with the Artists, DJs, Producers, Photographers and Media that supported the site and our community.

WeTrapFest will be huge for the independent community and a great place to network. The event is set to kick off FRIDAY ,October 11th @ 6pm for Day 1, and SATURDAY ,October 12th @ 6pm for Day 2.

* $7 Pre-SALE (1 DAY)

* $10 (PER EVENT)


WeTrapFEST will featuring a carefully selected showcase of talented artists, DJs and producers. We will also will have Devine Carama, Mino Slick and Rob Jackson speaking on making it in the industry, longevity and answering questions from attendees. The festival will also include vendors, merch tables, photographers and media coverage throughout the event.

Media companies will be doing on the spot interviews as well as performance recaps and photos from the event. This is the perfect event designed to get creators and curators in the same room to network and build the independent community.

ReallyRich Lounge (110 South Second St. , Richmond, KY), the top entertainment venue in Richmond,KY.


Please contact us @WeTrapMusic on Instagram

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