LessThanX3 – Hate Love @StreetSound251

“LessThanX3” is the embodiment, or physical manifestation, of the inner workings of the artist mind, ego, & spirit post-trauma. It represents not only the death of his former self, but also his rebirth and evolution. He believes it to be much more than just a name.

Symbolically “LessThanX3” depicts a broken heart (<X3), representing the mindset that just as without rain, we would have no appreciation for fair weather, without sadness, pain and loss, we would have no appreciation for joy, love and etc. It serves as a reminder to not only appreciate what he may take for granted, but also to strive to become greater.

With a philosophy so Dualistic, it shouldn’t surprise that sonically LessThanX3 strives to be diverse. Because of this, his sound varies across the multiple genres he bends to suit the message, mood and emotion behind each project. These genres include but are not limited to: Hip-Hop, Trap and Alternative.

Indulge in his latest work, the audio single for Hate Love, produced by Tsurreal x luvcrtny.

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