Yaundre – Money To Be Made @LilPhib3s

Yaundre’s “Money To Be Made” is one of many stories from my earlier banging years. He imagined it would be something people could relate too. Without glorifying the gang life, even though it’s had such an impact on his life, it’s something he can’t ignore. Another example of the tug of war between good and evil. Doing something you think is good in your heart but bad in an exoteric point of view. It’s about a day in the neighborhood that could’ve went a whole lot worse then it turned out.

Yaundre is a spiritual goon with a mind ahead of his time ranking from a state of cultural pioneers. Dre finds himself in a constant battle between good and hood. Positive & Negative stereo types trying to find a perfect median for the two. Always fighting personal demons with positive energy. Hauling from Praire View, Texas. A small humble community with a huge reputation, Dre understands the weight he carries on his shoulders. By trying to save the people in the community who sees no other means of getting out the cycle. Described as the “Tornado Effect”, whenever someone tries to leave but something always brings them back, knowing there’s no good in the neighborhood. Musically Yaundre is inspired by the likes of Lil B, Young Thug, Kendrick Lamar, and Z-RO to name a few.

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