Manibagz Ft Oso Nikiya – Get Hit @bagzboomin

Manibagz’ single “Get Hit” is a male and female club/trap collaboration. Oso Nikiya goes off on how she’s tired of these men pretending to be what they aren’t. Her witty punchlines paired with her harsh Miami delivery is reminiscent of a young Trina. Manibagz picks it up in the second half explaining his frustration with both the females who continue to annoy him, and the males who pretend to be his “friend.” The frustration in his voice is so palpable, it leaves the listener feeling as if they are the one to blame for this.

Manibagz, also known as Manibagz Boomin or O$O Mafioso, is a rapper from West Baltimore, MD. He was born on September 10, 1998. Manibagz moved to Fayetteville, NC at age 14, then to Atlanta, GA at age 18. He started off writing poetry, which eventually evolved into writing raps, although he still writes poetry. He wrote his first official rap in 6th grade as a competition with his friend. He didn’t pick up the pen again until he turned 16. He began recording his first raps on his phone and would show them around school. At age 18 he began recording on his laptop and taking it more seriously. He marks his influences as Lor Scoota, Lil Wayne, 2Pac, Meek Mill, J. Cole, and G Herbo.

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