Freddie Floyd – Mila Kunis @FreddieFloyd

Coming out of Houston, Texas, Freddie Floyd is a currently merely a blip on the radar but he has the capacity to be huge. His latest video, “Mila Kunis” is a complete 180 from his old material, which was quite dark, gritty, and raw. In contrast, this single is bright, jumpy, and addictively catchy. The visuals are flashy, the actions are creative, the settings are vivid, and the vibe is bright. Shot and edited by Lanz Allanigue, this video is sure to be on the favorites list of many in the coming months.

The video starts with Freddie ceaselessly swiping left in complete disappointment. His boredom increments as the intro riff plays its tune. Then the chorus drops and Freddie explodes in energy, gesticulating and bouncing to the beat while he mouths his lyrics. As the settings and their respective backdrops switch, so do Freddie’s props and outfits, shifting from magazines and Japanese snacks to postmodern décor and drum machines. But what brings it all together is the stock of Mila Kunis cardboard cutouts consistent in most scenes and Freddie’s nonchalance with displaying it all in the thick of everything.

The video hits a frequency that most videos of today don’t reach. It has absolute insistence in its variation and the creative switch-ups that come with it. From a “That 70’s Show”-inspired transition montage, to a gradually tempo-bending colored backdrop shift, to B-rolls of vintage Mila Kunis magazines, this video continually finds ways to impress while taking pride in its simplicity and minimalism.

When Freddie isn’t flexing his Mila magazine collection or eating Eastern snacks, he’s playing video games and staging photoshoots with his muse. When he isn’t swiping left on every possible Tinder girl or dismaying how many “want [him] for [his] moolah”, he’s tinkering with soft synths and drum machines.
This video is colorful, charming, and never formulaic. Shot in only a day, on a shoestring budget, with all of the work and assets being handled by solely two people, the video edges on industry-level quality. It may not be Drake, Future, or Billie Eilish-level, but it is damn close.

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