Snowbunny Hunt – Break Away @sbhunty

Snowbunny Hunt’s “Break Away” is a lyrically appealing, thought provoking, toe-tapping hit. The way Snowbunny Hunt bounces and intertwines with the beat is unlike anything you’ve heard before. He stays confident through the track while showing vulnerability for the females in his life.

Snowbunny Hunt has an energy that stands out from the rest. His flows and voice are unique but still fit in well with the trending sounds in hip hop/pop today. One thing we love most about Snowbunny Hunt’s music is his lyrics, which rival those of artists given a “lyrical genius” label. We also love how each of his songs gives a different vibe, it’s impossible to be bored while listening through his discography.

He says he spends most of his time thinking about anything from how he’s going to save the world to the inter-workings of the universe. Hunt is also a very creative fashion artist and launched his clothing line called “Snow Bunny Brand” earlier this summer.

When asked about the brand Hunt responded, “I like making clothes and ideas for what I think would look good pop into my head all the time. It can be really hard work at times but my clothes and the music are things I am extremely passionate about so I still have fun with it.” We are immensely excited to follow Snowbunny Hunt’s journey and hear new music from him.

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