Slater The Genius – Rose @slaterthegenius

Slater The Genius presents a visual for “Rose” off his debut EP, “Yensy’s Son”. The single is a message about finding growth and love in yourself before you start looking for love in others.

Slater compares his love and himself to a “Rose”. Meaning without good roots(a good home) and nourishment (love, sun, water) how could he ever grow, especially with someone else in the same situation as his. His lyrics shine and resonate as he explains how growing up in a broken home and an impoverished community how could he actually know what love. Yet throughout the track you fell his pain knowing it’s something he’s willing to fight for.

Slater gives us his most vulnerable track yet, and gives us insight on what it’s like to fall for someone your not yet ready to love. Or is it that they are not ready to love you. Either way love is pain and every Rose comes with thorns, so be careful when you try to pluck one, because in order for that love to never die, you’ll need Good Love, A Good Home, Good Sun, and Good Water.

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