GIANNI – Blue Pill @gianni_vi

GIANNI’s “Blue Pill” represents the blissful ignorance to the realities of life, the harsh ones. Our generation indulges in the blue pill when it comes to love, when it comes to being themselves…. we are afraid to fall. Maybe we should take the red one… and just completely crash.

GIANNI is what our generation loves in this song…. someone who is cool, someone who got swag, someone who is on his bullshit. This person is rooted from the ego, that is where these emotions came from in the song.

GIANNI is an upcoming artist aspiring to be more than just a rapper but to change the world with the perspectives and wisdom life presents to him on a daily basis. Born in Manhattan, he lives in Flushing, Queens but the lower part of Manhattan has been his home his whole life. Music has been his escape all his life, but only through the listening of other voices. Music provided a world where he could do what he never learned before in his life: Feel.

Once he arrived to college at Syracuse University, he realized that his dream was in doing what no one taught him there to do and that was create his own reality. He began writing prose and poetry, but slowly dived into creating lyrics for musical concepts. A key theme within everything he wrote was the theme of love, lovelessness, and a search for eternal love. Something about love seemed so powerful in his life but also in what he saw others go through, and with that came the leap of faith with his first song ever that he put out, titled “not blone (steve lacy)”. This song was a cover to a Steve Lacy SoundCloud song and from there, he realized he took the leap he was scared to do his whole life and kept going.

GIANNI believes that love can change the world, and music has allowed him to find himself and tell the world who he really is. Gianni believes that one day the world will change and the change starts within everyone else, and that cannot happen until love is found within each individual person. The world doesn’t make it an easy place to do that, but no one ever told us this was easy. GIANNI represents the people who aren’t perfect, but realize that is what being perfect means.

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