Colfax – Baby Lucas @datsfax

Check in as COlfax gets into the graphic details behind his latest audio drop, “Baby Lucas” from off the “Dying Just to Make a Living” album:

Baby Lucas was inspired because I’m half Mexican and African American. I’m actually first generation in my family. Growing up as a kid in Denver and transitioning out to Arizona. Baby Lucas is a Mexican candy that I would eat growing up. And when I had originally moved out to Phoenix from Denver, all the kids including were eating Baby Lucas and its something you had to put in your hand and you would lick your hand to eat the candy. For one I thought it was dope because I thought I was the only kid basically eating it. And then when I moved out here, it was essentially everywhere. It also correlated as I was growing up in regards to people I would actually see people hitting licks, people I knew getting jammed up, Dealing, etc. My music has substance and it really is influenced about everything I’ve experienced and how I came up.

“And the money made them ruthless, with they hands out getting more licks than Baby Lucas”.

It was catchy and I knew it was something that would reside real good on the ears and seeing that I really wanted to display that I am Hispanic as well. I thought it would be a perfect track and it was fun that anyone could really enjoy. You ask anyone now about Lucas and they will know. Also I was able to display Arizona and obviously that’s where I’m at currently living so I thought it was good to show the part of the city I actually stay around and everything that went around here.

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