WeLLs B. & KSW connect on the end of summer smash, “FLAVORS.” It’s a good-vibe, live your best life sound that commands your attention & pulls down metaphysical blessing into your life. This single off WeLLs B.’s upcoming EP will have you walking with your head WAY high, expecting the best this world has to offer, and moving in style. WHY, because you deserve it.

New Jersey Artist WeLLS B. uses his unique sonic background & diverse artistic pallette to paint an audio experience that is both gritty, & soulful; uplifting & wavy; catchy & conscious. Balancing his inspiration from Hip-Hop artists like Ludacris, Drake, Andre 3000, Anderson Paak & Kendrick Lamar with songwriting legends like Baby-Face, Michael Franks, and Stevie Wonder; WeLLs utilizes his velvet tone, & high energy to bring the listener into an outer body experience.

Since 2015, WeLLs has displayed a drive to bridge the gaps in culture by creating timeless, real life, personal music that reaches his audience. Being on the verge of excellence, WeLLs has been in the Lab cooking; establishing himself as a compelling writer, producer, vocal coach, & ad-lib guru. Now WeLLs B. (& The40s – Prod.) have dove head first into polishing this renaissance style, working on Music Videos, Short Films, and an upcoming EP Release (TBD). With recent releases like “FLAVORS” ,”COZY CULTUR” & upcoming songs “HiiGHER” & “San Jose” the skies are fiLLed with infectious energy that have his new listeners wondering how deep this creative well goes.

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