Da Real EKG – Elevator @kingofthadot

Da Real EKG is definitely going up. If not by the zeal of his Dothan, Alabama delivery; then certainly by the pull of his recent release, “Elevator”. Nearly three minutes of high-class, top floor music— “Elevator” features two, slick verses from the Southern spitter and a succulent chorus from Breana Marin. Within the first few seconds of this record, golden chords will attract you; enveloped by a faint, yet heavenly vocal that fades in and out of the mix. Effortlessly, Breanna slips into this bath of harmonies, crooning phenomenally through lyrics that celebrate this song’s central subject: rising unstoppably to the top.

For such, Da Real EKG’s verses are marvelous compliments. The Yellowhammer rapper, rhyming with a charm that only the South can conjure, adds a fitting spin to the record— detailing his myriad encounters with women, in the midst of his luxurious lifestyle. “Elevator”, by these two elements, becomes a sensual joyride. One where nothing matters but the rise, and whomever you’re enjoying it with. Looking for a smooth, playa’ love-song? Look no further than the latest from Da Real EKG.

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