Spark I aM – Eurostep @Hrlms_brucewayn

“EuroStep” is an uptempo, game reel ready, high energy single that was made to excite and inspire.
Being from NYC and with summer basketball culture (and basketball culture in general) being so big there, Spark I aM wanted to create something that you could hear at every game in the city.

Wendell Wilson also known as Spark I aM’ is a multifaceted artist hailing from Harlem NY. Spark Started making music in 2011 while in college and dropped a mixtape titled “Ready to Launch” – it became his first taste of putting music together while incorporating all the things he learned as a broadcasting major. In 2013 shortly after he left college and linked up with fellow artist LevyGrey and created their team “Royal Vision”.

In 2015, after moving to Baltimore and witnessing the Freddie Gray riots first hand, Spark decided he wanted his music to mean so much more. Since then he has been working on perfecting his craft and using his voice to inspire and incite change.

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