Mani Dollaz – Friend Zone @worldsgreateast

Mani Dollaz’ “Friend Zone” is a catchy song about a young adult going after the girl of his dreams even though they just met. The girl in the song is hesitant about dating the rapper but is soon swept off her feet after hearing him sing and treating her better than her exes.

Mani Dollaz is a rapper based in San Diego, California making a name for himself throughout the West Coast with his catchy hooks that make you want to hum all day. Dollaz’ tells stories about growing up broke, making money and spending it how he likes. The Southern California artist has been releasing rap and hip hop music since 2013 and is now experimenting with his voice to blend r&b into the mix. His name is pronounced as “many dollaz”, something he likes a lot of. Dollaz currently performs throughout the West Coast and is looking to expand his fanbase for future shows.

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