Jiggz & Damis – Regardless @rayalimusic @jgzmusic @damismusic

Jiggz and Damis premiere the official, Fake Dell directed video for “Regardless”, as found on their most recently released project, “No Strings Attached”.

Born in the heart of Miami, Jiggz grew up playing football which played a dominant role in his competitive nature. Due to an injury Jiggz couldn’t play anymore allowing him to find his love for rapping and writing music causing him to focus all his energy on creating. Jiggz’s competitive work ethic combined with refreshing lyrics and melodies is what makes him bring a different energy we haven’t heard before.

Growing up, Damis spent much of his outside of school in the house caring for his younger siblings. While being far from well-off, this created plenty of time for him to find his outlet for expressing himself through art in what he describes as therapy to get him through those tough times. Reading and drawing were the first mediums that attracted him which quickly expanded to music after.

Due to his expansive vocabulary from reading so much very early on and his ability to see things visually from drawing, he discovered his ability to manipulate words and quickly began writing his life away. After years of writing it wasn’t until one day at the end of his junior year in high school that he recorded his first song. Ever since, Damis has never put the mic down and continues to push him musically. At an early age the two South Florida natives found their spirit in music. It was known from the beginning from Jiggz setting off crowds at his high school pavilion or Damis discovering his ability to bring words to life through his expansive vocabulary that these two would rise to become great.

When producer Ray Ali linked up and found these two from day one they all fused together to bring a unique noteworthy sound we haven’t heard before. After releasing their debut project, No Stress, the duo followed up with a new collection of quality vibes with their guitar driven project executive produced by Ray Ali titled “No Strings Attached”. A 7 track project centered around guitar-based instrumentals.

This “string-themed” project is jammed-packed with hypnotizing guitar riffs, undeniable melodies along with invigorating lyrics and dynamic ear-warming vocals. Right now they are gearing up to drop their EP “DMND Vol. 1” just in time for the summer guaranteed to bring fresh uplifting vibes no one has heard before. From the melodic melodies to the powerful 808’s that drive the entire project, it is known that Jiggz & Damis are dropping yet another timeless group of songs we can’t wait for.

Although very early in their career as artists, their reputation and notoriety builds from their outstanding timeless music and we can only expect Jiggz & Damis to blow in the near future.

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