Ramy Khodeir – Live It Up @ramymkhodeir

Louisville, Kentucky’s Ramy Khodeir is bringing a new sound to the city. He is motivated to make music by his friends and artists. Ramy enjoys making music, and he uses it as a springboard to help get his name out there. It feels like a hobby to him. No stress. When it comes down to competition, he treats the game like a rivalry. In early 2019, he released his first song “Can’t Lose,” highlighting his success and motivation in his career. “Can’t Lose” racked up around 20,000 views within a few weeks of his release. In summer 2019, Ramy dropped his extended playlist “Live It Up” with a total of five songs. Check out Ramy Khodeir on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and social media outlets.


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