Glock Caree – Glock Gang @Glockcaree

Glock Caree’s “Glock Gang” mixtape features Jnance and Jae money flowing on hard trap beats speaking on topics such as losing friends to violence, mistrust between those close to you, and the overall lifestyle of a man trying His best to climb out of the neighborhood in which he was born and raised.

Hailing from west Charlotte Glock Caree tip-toes along beats with an explosive fervor that matches his rather boisterous charisma. With influences ranging from Young Dolph to J Cole, Glock Caree possesses the ability to spit flames on any beat and switch up his flow in order to provide a diverse lyrical delivery system that is key when making impactful music. Utilizing Locally sourced beats Glock Caree is known for showcasing obscene violence and drug addiction which wreaked havoc on his life as a child growing up in Charlotte. This thuggish upbringing is what fuels Glock Caree’s drive to create a more flourishing path for his two twin boys.

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