QUISBANDZ – Sane @quisbandz_

QUISBANDZ is a self-driven and motivated young artist. He don’t allow the smaller things to stop his grind. Always looking for the next window of opportunity to open and always pushing the envelope when it comes to his music. To remain “Sane”, the Midwesterner pours lean and fights demons as addressed on his latest single.

QUISBANDZ, was born and raised in Champaign, Illinois in 2001. A small but dangerous city about an hour outside of Chicago. After a couple of delays, his parents felt the need to move to Atlanta, Georgia. QUISBANDZ aka Q, went straight into middle school in Georgia, finding that everything was much slower than his Illinois life. Even though his family still go back to Illinois every year, that life that he left behind will never be a part of what lies ahead for the young artist.

Q was brought up listening to his older brothers and cousins always rapping/singing, so it became a big part of his life quickly. Fast forward a few years where the young rap star was fresh off probation, deciding that there must be changes in his life for his siblings sake. Q, focused on his music until one day a friend introduced him to BJM . Shortly after joining the BJM Management team, Q dropped his single “Deeply” and that’s were we pick up on his story.

Waiting to release his EP (The Last of a Dying Breed) soon, we can only imagine how much more music to expect from this upcoming rap sensation. Please stay tune as this story about QUISBANDZ unfolds in the days to come. QB, plans to one day give back to a charity that supports black youths of America.

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