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WeLLs B. & KSW connect on the end of summer smash, “FLAVORS.” It’s a good-vibe, live your best life sound that commands your attention & pulls down metaphysical blessing into your life. This single off WeLLs B.’s upcoming EP will have you walking with your head WAY high, expecting the best this world has to offer, and moving in style.

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Jimmy Luna – FREEDOM @jimmylxna

Jimmy Luna releases his new music video for the second lead single from his most recent EP, “WELCOME TO DARKNESS: ORANGE”, via Vevo. The EP is the third installment of the Welcome to Darkness trilogy and features eight tracks, including “FREEDOM”. As the first installment Pink was “to separate,” the second Green was “to educate,” this third and final is

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Da Real EKG – Elevator @kingofthadot

Da Real EKG is definitely going up. If not by the zeal of his Dothan, Alabama delivery; then certainly by the pull of his recent release, “Elevator”. Nearly three minutes of high-class, top floor music— “Elevator” features two, slick verses from the Southern spitter and a succulent chorus from Breana Marin. Within the first few seconds of this record, golden

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