Nine.wav – Ayo @Ninewav

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania duo, Nine.wav, have always had a passion for sonic experimentation and
an eagerness to delve into a variety of genre influences. That enthusiasm is on full display in their single, “Ayo.”

Over the course of the track’s runtime, members Arthur and Myles, along with featured
artist Titus the Titan, utilize their distinct, yet equally versatile flows to create an eclectic and spirited sound for the rising heat of the summer season. All this is accented by spacey and retro beat, expertly produced by Huseyiny & DJ Paz which serves to create a soothing, yet steadily bumping atmosphere.

Some might consider Nine.wav to be typical nothing more than pop artists with a deliberate focus on style over substance. However, more attentive listeners will notice a deeper message hidden under the surface of “Ayo’s” lyrics. A message regarding the complicated relationship between love and lust, as well as the increasingly blurred lines between them in the modern age. All this is to say that while “Ayo” marks a particularly stylish entry in the duo’s already-stylish catalogue, it does not lack for thematic nuance.

This serves “Ayo” well and makes it a simultaneously accessible entry to passive listeners looking for a feel-good and upbeat vibe, as well as those seeking a deeper, more introspective message. “Ayo” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

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