JayDre – Youngest In Charge @jaydreee

JayDre’s latest visual, “Youngest In Charge,” features a bouncy yet aggressive sound to it–something that truly starts the party–and gets it “jumping.” The track is filled with high energy and complemented with vibrant colors and good vibes. This music video was shot and edited by videographer Starr Mazi who has had his work showcased multiple times on notable networks such as No Jumper, Worldstar, etc. Sit back and watch all the action take place as JayDre and his crew show you how to get lit.

JayDre is an upcoming 16-year-old rapper from NYC that is catching the ear of many listeners–quickly. He’s worked with some bigger names in the industry and has a true talent to his craft. Seeing JayDre’s sound blow him up larger than the New York scene wouldn’t be surprising at all. It seems like he’s passionate about his craft and he has vocal components that click in your head. Something is head turning about his music, it is only a matter of months until the rest of the world discovers his talent.

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