1st Shift x Montreux – Balloon Strings @1stShft

Balloon Strings is the 2nd drop in the past 3 months for buzzing Louisville, Kentucky artist “1st Shift.” Following an impressive introductory effort entitled “Game For Sale”, 1st Shift has teamed back up with producer, Montreux, to deliver another solid project. Top to bottom 1st Shift displays his versatility, while Montreux sets the vibe with his amazing production. Balloon Strings tells the tale of staying down on your 10 toes, remaining solid, and never giving up when things get tough. That’s the code 1st Shift represents. By all means, he’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.


1st Shift is an artist emerging from Louisville, Kentucky. With Kentucky’s music scene growing, 1st Shift has created a vibe that is easy to gravitate to by spewing hard hitting lyrics over chill melodic beats. With a laid back approach, he brings us into his world. Things like staying solid and giving the game from a hustler stand point has helped 1st create a lane!! Now his pedal is to the floor.

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