YUNG Citizen – Feel In Tune @YungCitizen

YUNG Citizen releases the visuals for the lead single from his recently released “F.I.T.” EP, titled “Feel In Tune.” YUNG Citizen released the F.I.T EP on May 31st, 2019. Now the time has arrived for the release of the first video from the project, titled “Feel In Tune.” The track begins by stating how technology is taking control of our minds, our virtual existence. As I look back on my life and journey, I had to get rid of dead weight that was dragging me down and draining my energy. You never stop loving those you’ve had to leave, but you have to be strong enough to move forward to keep your dreams alive. This track is also about understanding and appreciating myself as an artist, accepting the fact that everyone is not going to love my unique brand of music. And that is Okay. Remember, I “Feel In Tune”.

The new EP is titled “F.I.T” which stands for “Feel In Tune”. It speaks to knowing who you are, thriving in that realization and walking confidently toward your destiny. If you look at the F.I.T graphic you’ll notice Citizen standing away from the crowd, not bowing down to the pressure of fitting in, conforming to the standard norms, choosing instead to blaze his own path. YUNG Citizen wants his fans to understand their self-worth and not be afraid to chase their dreams. We all have a ‘gift” to share with the world. It’s up to each of us to recognize it and pursue it with an unyielding passion and dedication.

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