Pally Ray – Lonely @pally__ray

“Lonely” was the first song ever mixed by Pally Ray when he built his new studio. The singer, Emily Haak, is actually not a trained singer at all and is Pally’s teammate’s girlfriend. She was drinking one night when Pally wrote the song and asked her to sing it with him. One drunken “yes” and a few hours later, Lonely was created out of the countless nights and emotion Mr. Ray spent trying to materialize his dream. “Lonely” is now over a year old and although Pally wishes he could redo his vocals on some parts, the message and reason it stands is so powerful and meaningful to him that he wouldn’t change it just for the sake of what it is.

Pally Ray is a recently graduated 23 year old college tennis player as well as self-engineered independent artist. He is a second generation Indian American and his journey began off of an onstage freestyle. Passion, mixed with time and consistency has slowly shown in his music and results the progression he’s made and he’s driven to be the best version of himself he can be with each song. His focus is making quality sounding music first, and then adding a message to it. You can find his music on any app under “Pally Ray”.

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