Connor Cassidy – City Lights @connortkcassidy

Connor Cassidy releases the much anticipated visual to his most successful single, “City Lights.” Inspired by the movie Limitless starring Bradley Cooper, the video depicts Connor’s ascension within his own city of Boston, MA as he goes through the trials and tribulations unique to his journey. The video is directed and produced by Connor and @M9Visuals, and could more properly be labelled a movie, rather than a music video.

Boston rapper, producer, and guitarist Connor Cassidy gained his first mainstream recognition in 2019 upon releasing “Guillotine,” a trap centered anthem that shattered the U.S. and European nightlife scenes. Known for his aggressive sound and genre-bending style, he garnered his first attention as an artist during his teenage years by being a tenacious live performer: free-styling and DJ-ing at various venues across The New England Area.

At age 18, however, he hung up his short career as an artist due to a node that had formed on his vocal cords, thus preventing him from recording, touring, and even speaking. After a long period of silence and an esoteric journey across the worlds of business, education, artist management, and spiritual enlightenment, he’s stepped back into his proper role of an artist at the ripe age of 23. With the same vocal-scar but a renewed energy and hope for the future, he’s set to release his debut album, Peace Of Mind, in Summer of 2019.

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