Cam Caution – SLAY @Cameronjonsey

“SLAY” is Cam Caution’s first single of his second studio album, “CAUTION”. In this song Cam exhibits his versatility in his lyricism and flows. The video shows Cam killing his past and putting it behind him ultimately showing that he is successfully moving on to his bright future in an abandoned air field. The creative direction was all Cam and the video was directed and edited by Markus West. The animations were done by Michael Arroya. Through this video Cam is romping through the fields and showing you his talents.

Cam Caution is a 22 year old born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. He recently started making music 3 years ago when he defeated Osteosarcoma stage 3 bone cancer because he felt he needed to spread his message to the masses. Music is his therapy and it’s honestly helped him through the toughest times. Some of his top influencers include Mac Miller, Eminem, Denzel Curry & J Cole. His music is original and compares to no one. His overall goal is to influence others to pursue their dreams and to understand the true meaning of life and to also enlighten others on the corruption of our country. In these current times Cam believes the mainstream music is portraying awful habits and brainwashing the youth. He’s here to correct those flaws and to expose the industries filth.

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