OuterSpaceVortex and Elyel – H.O.E.S. @OSVortex

“H.O.E.S.” is a new single from OuterSpaceVortex and Elyel and one of the many collaborative projects they have together. In this single OuterSpaceVortex and Elyel address all the fake ass people and how they aren’t rocking with it.

OuterSpaceVortex is an up and coming artist from the DMV area. He grew up just outside of D.C. in the Northern Virginia area all his life. He loved listening to all sorts of music growing up and gets all his influences from a variety of genres like from rock to hip hop and rap.

He started off producing and making beats his senior year in high school, and as he learned and gained experience behind his home studio he ventured off into engineering and started engineering music for artists around his area. He then decided to hop on a couple of the songs he would make with other artists and decided to just started rapping himself. He will always consider himself a producer first, engineer second, and artist third.

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