Karma Rivera – A Game @KARMARIVERA

Portland, Oregon’s rap princess Karma Rivera is all business on the field as seen in her PHVZES directed flick, “A Game”.

Last summer, Rivera released her debut EP, Don’t Sleep on This, and in the past year, she’s opened for nationally touring artists, including CupcakKe, Princess Nokia, Chief Keef, Xavier Wulf and Snow tha Product. Karma Rivera has become a staple of the Portland hip-hop scene and is one of the best rappers to be all-but-ignored by the industry-at-large, from a city with a rap community that has not yet fully quite made it onto the map despite being overrun with talented artists, including rap acts like Aminé.

In life and art, Rivera gets directly to the point. She’s as quick to note problems as she is to reward listeners for their devotion—a greatly appreciated trait in a city like Portland that leans on passive aggression. Rivera knows who she is, and is determined to stay rooted in that knowledge, especially if larger music markets ask her to change.

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