Cody Brandell – Phone Out @CodyBrandell

Raised in Lafayette, LA by a very musically inclined family, Cody was immersed in a mix of ’70’s to ’90’s classic music from a young age drawing strong influences from the likes of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Maxwell, and Boyz II Men. His parents have always been strong supporters of his singing and have encouraged him throughout his life to flex his talents. His mother paid for his first studio session on his 13th birthday and pushed him to the play the piano.

At the age of 18, Cody moved to New York to pursue his music career and produced his first song with Ja Rule. Since then, Cody has had the chance to work in legendary music environments allowing him to continuously evolve his musical craft. He proudly touts his song writing ability but has also developed into a strong producer. On RetroSounds II, Cody finely exhibits all of these talents earning producer and song writing credits across the album. Keep your eyes and ears open. Cody Brandell and the RetroSound movement are on the way.

“Phone Out” This is the first single release off of Cody’s upcoming project, RetroSounds 2. Produced by Cody and Austin Martin. The video was directed by Ronnie Lewis.

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