Jay Solstice – Environmental Awareness @JaySolstice

The Camden native, Jay Solstice, makes a statement with his new video “Environmental Awareness.” Along with director and cinematographer, Director KF, Jay makes a compelling track in which he reminisces about past conversations with a nostalgic heart. Throughout the video one is able to witness, what looks to be, a typical average day in the City of Camden for Jay Solstice.

With the city falling under the rule of gentrification, dishonest politicians, money hungry corporations, and murders, Jay reminds his residences and others outside of the city of how important it is to be fully aware of your surroundings and environment no matter the changes.

Jay Solstice, a twenty-six year old rapper from Camden, NJ , is on a mission. After featuring on HotNewHipHop and Revolt TV, Jay shows how adaptable he is in presenting many different styles while using his pin-point lyricism in order to give insight into his views as well as bestowing words of wisdom to those in need.Jay has always been inspired by sounds and artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, and Tory Lanez, His talents even extends overseas.

Jay has teamed with artists and producers in the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and even in Japan due to his novice conversational skills in Japanese. He has gained attention and praise from a variety of YouTube sensations for his covers and remixes.In 2017-2018, Solstice released his most prominent EP which contained his most popular songs, “Ricura” and “Eses” while subsequently, releasing his most recent EP to date “Closed Notes”. Jay Solstice has also worked with artists such as Mir Fontane , Ish Williams, and many other artists.

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