The Lxcals – VH1 @thelxcals

The Lxcals’ single “VH1” is a dive into the rockstar fantasy. Lead singer X paints the fast life as he finds himself falling into the rabbit holes of chasing the rockstar dream. Drawing influences from Travis Scott and Mike Dean’s production, Dante Smith lays down the bounce on the bass while Cucho Santiago completes the rockstar arena sound with his Black Sabbath, Santana-inspired guitar playing.

Influenced by the 2011 internet-fueled rap renaissance that gave us acts like Odd Future, ASAP Mob, Kanye’s G.O.O.D Music, The Lxcals started out with the same ideas of collective collaboration. Bringing together rock musicians, beat makers, skateboarders and rappers under one roof, the team focused creating something completely new as a new age of internet musicians began.

Lead singer ‘X’ , inspired by a Run DMC rock-rap relationship and punk d.i.y. energy that was becoming part of the evolution of rap, soon grew obsessed with creating a sound that would embody the environment around him. Eventually, through trial and error the group would take new form as a band who played instruments the same way they made beats.

The Lxcals is a band that currently consists of X, who serves as the muse and lead vocalist. Dante Smith grounds the band’s sound on bass, approaching his style like that of a heavy 808 bounce of modern rap music. The Lxcals’ large arena rock sound comes full circle with Cucho Santiago who brings in the stylistic flare on the guitar. His influences range from early 70’s guitar gods like Santana, Hendrix and Iommi, to the heavier sound of metal giants during the early 80’/90’s.

Finally finding a solid chemistry and defined style, The Lxcals look to introduce themselves to the world and bring their audience into theirs. The band is currently working on Madness, the first chapter of a saga and their debut album. They are pushing to create a soundtrack to their cinematic portrayal of a heartbroken, rage filled protagonist who is in a frenzy to win the heart of his estranged lover, while finding himself only diving deeper into the lust and debauchery of his own insanity.

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