B.D. Kold – God On It (Video) [Gospel Rap] [Created by @vesvisuals]

God on it video has almost 4k views in just two weeks 6.5k views on christian hip hop hits just as hard fb,2.1k views on there faceboook as well as 305k views on artist racks i.g. and being placed as the number one christian rap video of the week on the cop 5 with erica mason at number 2 , blessed individual Here’s what people are saying I’ve heard a lot of Christian music over the years, but this is the first song I can remember which presents the whole Gospel, all of the Good News, in one song. This is a song which even “the gates of Hell shall not prevail against.” This is a song which can travel into drug shooting galleries, county jails, gang fights, state prisons, nascent criminal conspiracies or human trafficking situations and proudly present the Gospel message, reach the people there, and if God wills it, set the captives free. This song is definitely “not ashamed of the Gospel.” Blessings to all who listen. Welcome home. https://youtu.be/KiAzBKfZ_fsB.D.Kold – God on it Full video bdkold.comStreet Gospel on all major platforms stream or purchase available bdkold.comArmy Of The Lord productions $25 dollar exclusive beats Wav,mp3, exclusive rights contract at purchase, trackouts available upon request Bdkold.comArmy Of The Lord gear Bdkold.comDistribution of Hope free 17 track mixtape avaiable on all major platforms, stream or download bdkold.comHeart condition available on all major platforms stream or purchase bdkold.comWalking in faith available on all major platforms stream or purchase bdkold.comGod bless you in the mighty name of Jesus, I pray he pour favor provision peace and protection upon you and all those you love in Jesus name

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