Sleepychi – Isn’t Love Strange Vol. 1 @Sleeepychi

“Isn’t Love Strange Vol. 1”, is Sleepy’s newest project. The EP contains four songs that connect and bounce off each other making for a very interesting listen. From Cadence, flow, and lyrical value; Sleepy is able to tell a story that many don’t have the artistry to do. Production spans from Kaiser, Kevin Katana and Richy. From start to finish, you’ll be taken on a short psychedelic journey showing at least 4 phases and different cycles of love, whether good or bad.

Sleepychi. (born January 7th 2001), is an artist/songwriter coming out of Sacramento, California. By definition, your allowed to call sleepy a rapper but with each new track and project he seems to go more and more outlandish each time stretching his mind through the various genres. Growing up on artists like Rick James, Andre 3000, and Keith sweat Sleepychi’s creativeness flourishes when working on new music whether if it’s with his melodic abilities or his straight rap flow, don’t be surprised when he surprises you again and again.

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