Sincerely, Empty – Empty Thoughts Vol. 2 @sincerelyempty

“Empty Thoughts Vol. 2” is a deep dive into the mind of Sincerely, Empty; a character terrorized by depression and defeating thoughts. He lives in his own world stuck in his own mind he has troubles connecting with the people around him. This turns into aggression and isolation pushing him further away from the man he wants to be. Constantly changing his mind and what he feels is right he is stuck in the feeling of doubt and despair. Each song takes a look at a different side of him and his mind. With catchy hooks, aggressive instruments, and hard-hitting 808’s this record is full of beautiful songwriting and huge changes in dynamics.

Sincerely, Empty is a fusion of Emo, Alternative, Indie, and Hip Hop From the Midwest. He is a self taught musician writing, recording, mixing, and mastering everything himself. Growing up playing in local bands he soon realized he had more passion for it than others he was playing with. Realizing this he took it upon himself to take all the skills he learned and combining them into a solo project where he would have full control to be as creative and initiative as he could be without interference from others. He released his first EP Empty Thoughts Vol. 1 in December 2015 Since then he has released four projects and two singles. With the release of Empty Thoughts Vol. 2 he has truly grown into himself and figured out his own gritty punchy original sound full of passionate lyrics and compelling melodies.

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