Sicnarf ft Kru – Resurrection @Goldgatehouse

Sicnarf, Kru and GoldGate House came together to collaborate on this conceptual masterpiece titled “Resurrection”. In the video you see Sicnarf, Kru and a masked character having a disagreement about who a bag belongs to. Sicnarf and Kru ends up violently attacking the Masked character, killing him, and taking away the property (bag) he was holding back from them.

When you kill the killer, do you become the killer and can you defeat evil without becoming evil yourself? Watch and see the dramatic creative production from GoldGate House.

Sicnarf is from Boston, Kru is from New Jersey and they both met In Washington D.C. where they currently reside. Sicnarf has been making noise in the Boston area for a while and decided to move away to continue building his audience. Kru is in D.C. for school at Howard University. Kru has a large network including GoldGate House. GoldGate House is a production company in D.C. that brings American and International artists from different regions together to create content. Resurrection is one of our many stand out performances and we want to network deep into the industry in order to participate creatively in our massive culture.

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