OSCGOTTECH – Bimmerboy Freestyle @OSCGOTTECH

“Bimmerboy Freestyle” is OSCGOTTECH’s newest single and first ever music video. He tried to match the hard beat with the single flow to make you rewind it again and again. The rapper takes pride in the mixing process so we added a bit of distortion to the track, a darkened deep voice in the background of the first layer, cartoonish ad-lib’s and a nice echo after the end of certain bars.

In the video, OSCGOTTECH and friend are posted and turnt up at a local Wawa gas station. They’re with their own cars and his clothing brand “Bojakcuf” drinking a Michelada, a popular Mexican beer mix. Tired of almost every rap video having similar overwhelming effects, OSCGOTTECH opted out to having little to no effects to keep it fresh and make the video stand out more.

Oscar Herrera (OSCGOTTECH) is an artist based in Coatesville, PA.

Oscar was born in Mexico City, Mexico, but moved to the states illegally at the age of 5 with his family to start a better life. The middle child, had strict parents who taught him to work at an early age to help the family stay financially afloat. Although he grew up working, he fell in love with Hip Hop after hearing Chamillionaire’s “Ridin'” on the radio. At the age of 16, he was eligible for the Dream Act Reform (DACA) that granted him a work permit and allowed him to be in the states without fear of deportation.

Now with his hard work ethic and heavy influences from the likes of Chicago rapper, Chief Keef, and Houston legend, SPM, the 21 year old DACA rapper is showing off his musical talent with his unique “Designer Trap” sound influenced by his love of cars and clothing.

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