naski – outlet! @wakeupnaski

naski’s new single ‘outlet!’ is a spacey, yet hard hitting banger that blends singing and rapping into a harmony that is nothing short of bliss to the ears. The song is produced by 4evr, who is well known in the underground rap scene and has produced for artists such as Lil Lotus, Shinigami and 93FEETOFSMOKE. ‘outlet!’ features breathy, melodic vocals from naski, who utilizes autotune to further amplify the mood of the song. The rapping part of the song hits you with many lyrics at once, floating on the beat seamlessly, leaving you wanting to listen again.

naski is a 16 year old rapper and singer from the small country of Trinidad & Tobago. He has been independently posting songs to his SoundCloud for over a year now and has grown a small following with his niche style and unique sound. He recently graduated high school and is currently balancing college and following his passion for song making. His aesthetic incorporates pastel Gothic visuals and well as soft grunge imagery. His style incorporates a wide range of genres from alternative rock to cloud rap, often blending these sounds and many others to create something different. Being from a country with virtually no other artists like this, naski brings something new to the underground SoundCloud scene.

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