MiILKBre@d – New Beginnings @BREADMiiLk

The MiILKBre@d duo consist of two members who also happen to be first cousins. The two made they’re way from Central Arkansas to Minneapolis, Minnesota in the fall of 2017. Skru & Berdi are nearly a decade apart in age, Skru turning 30 this year and Berdi still waiting to purchase his first 40oz legally. “New Beginnings” is the third single released from the duo who work out of a small rehearsal room in downtown Minneapolis. Another wonky one, New Beginnings is about taking over the world, black ski mask on.

MiILKBRe@d is a co rap – producer duo out of Minneapolis, Minnesota consisting of members Skru Boi MixTape and Lerry Berdi. The two take on equal responsibilities when it comes to creating instrumentals & the writing process. Influences span from MF DOOM, Atmosphere, J Dilla, Kool Keith, and many more..

The two cousins from central Arkansas have released a few singles along with a music video on YouTube. If it’s a wonky noise with some slap happy sound effects or a few notes to hit you with some feels, It might be the MiILK
men you are hearing.

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