The self-produced song by LILBOYROC, “YOUNG THUG”, is a song that pays homage to his favorite country singer and rapper Young Thug. You can see the influence by the vocal inflections LILBOYROC uses throughout the song. With a cowboy hat and green hair, the visual to the song is very playful and energetic. “YOUNG THUG” is just one of the bangers on LILBOYROC’s CHOPPA SEASON Album.

LILBOYROC also known as BLU, and Young Thug 2.0 has been moving fast. LILBOYROC born and raised in the city of Chicago, he has redefined music and crossed the line between many genres. Producing every single beat for every song, LILBOYROC has been able to focus in on R&B, Rock, Hip – Hop/Rap, and Country Music. The future is bright for this young star, and the music keeps getting more experimental every day. LILBOYROC has dropped 4 albums since the top of 2019.

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