Lil Flowers – Daisy @LilFlowers1

“Daisy” is the intro to the EP “Bouquet” by Lil Flowers. As you first listen to the song you hear a soothing melody sampled from the artist Shiloh Dynasty. The lo-fi feel through out the first few seconds of the track really calm the listener throwing them off when Lil Flowers burst into lyrics with a strong delivery.

The witty jokes and wordplay really tie together creating some sick bars and the bass of the beat along with Flowers flow really feed the listeners ear. Last but not least Lil Flowers makes a total 360 with a calm melodic harmony of him saying “fly them bitches back home”.

Blooming from The Boogie down Bronx in New York City, Lil Flowers uses his unique and witty East Coast style to express his emotions through music. The versatility of his talents really show in his selection of discography, as every track has a different sound. Some songs go hard lyrically and others are more toned down and emotional but at the end of the day every track created by Lil Flowers is unique in its own way. Lil Flowers started creating his music after the struggles of his father being sent to federal prison when Flowers was only 16.

Years of lashing out gave Flowers a lot to say and a lot to express. It wasn’t until 2013 when his mother was diagnosed with cancer that Lil Flowers decided that he didn’t want his family to live struggling anymore, after almost losing her he did everything it took to gather as much funds and start his musical career. In 2017 Lil Flowers released a mix tape titled “Bloom” which consisted of bangers such as “Alphabet Soup”, “Find Me” and “Her Dm”. In 2018 Lil Flowers decided to take his career to the next level by moving cross country to Los Angeles “the hub of the music industry”.

As Lil Flowers grows in his new location he plans to release the next big project “Bouquet” an EP of 8 songs that will be dropped one by one month to month. This project consist of everything that makes Lil Flowers him such as his demons, true love and dealing with his sexuality. With many influences such as Kid Cudi, Lil Wayne, and RZA Lil Flowers goal is to encourage every person to blossom and be comfortable in their own skin.

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