Ivy – Super Saiyan

Ivy’s “Super Saiyan” is a mixture of rapid fire flows and Dragonball Z energy. It’s also a blend of rock and modern day trap music.

Ivy is a young, upcoming 22 year old, talented artist from the Steel City (Pittsburgh, PA). Ivy grew up on the Northside- a small urban area that connects across the bright yellow bridges of Downtown, Pittsburgh. This now vibrant area was once more than the home field of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Pirates- the Northside was known for notorious drug and gun violence, as well.

At a very young age, Ivy developed a passion for music and was taught how to read music notes and play instruments by her father. Being the youngest of 8 children, she was raised on nothing but true, solid, 90s hip-hop- thanks to her siblings, and a little bit of 70’s soul music from her parents.

Although she has a full-time job, Ivy likes to freestyle, write music, read books, travel, and add custom car parts to her Mustang by herself when she is not working. It was not until a couple of years ago when Ivy would start taking her craft seriously, after freestyling in a jokingly manner for her former co-workers, during a lunch break.

She rarely ever lets others know what her next move is. Ivy is quiet, but yet very courageous and dedicated. However, when it comes to music, she knows how influential and how powerful it can be.

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