H.E.F the Prophet – Bad Habits @heftheprophet

“Bad Habits” is a new single from H.E.F the Prophet including a slower beat and sound. It includes verses for H.E.F, Cfresh and Da Water Boi. With a beat produced by Hoodie J, and engineered by Jack Paper$, H.E.F delivers a hit that anyone can listen too. It includes real verses with meaning, complemented by a hook with a superb melody.

H.E.F the Prophet, born Hunter Floyd, is an American rapper and musician based out of Atlanta, Georgia. He started making music while in the fifth grade, and has continued to perfect his craft ever since. He began as a beat maker and producer, but quickly fell into making full songs. After he took influence from artists like $uicideboy$, he hit the underground scene by storm.

His first single to be released on platforms other than Soundcloud, No Hook (feat. NoGum Hundo), has reached almost 20,000 streams in less than two months. Since then, he has released nine more singles, a music video he featured in, and reached 12,000 followers on Spotify. He continues to drop singles, but he has plans for a mixtape to be released very soon.

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