Giggie Surge – Guilty @GiggieSurge

“Guilty” is the new single by American rapper, Giggie Surge. It is a rock inspired rap song about the regrets of a past relationship.

Fueled by a dark childhood and a come up story with enough drama to rival the plot of 8 Mile, Giggie Surge is no stranger to taking risks. Violence and dysfunction at home left Gig homeless at the age of 17 with no sight of success. Determined to make his mark on the world, Gig bought recording equipment and began his journey, running into more drama along the way.

He failed again and again. On and off couches and park benches, friends died or disappeared. Fueled by failure and determined to dominate, Gig eventually left his hometown of Toledo, Ohio for New York City in search for answers and an escape from a city known only for a heroin epidemic and harsh winters.

Gig was met with more failure and burned more bridges, leaving New York on a whim for Los Angeles with a goal to prove all doubters wrong. He took what money he had and started over, living paycheck to paycheck while honing his craft. Giggie Surge is proving to not only be Hip Hop’s next superstar but also Hip Hop’s new anti-hero with his raw emotion and genre bending sound.

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