FlyGuy Rufio – She Loves Me Not @FlyGuyRufio

FlyGuy Rufio released his single “She Loves Me Not” featuring Travvyyy, with an exclusive trap beat and flavorful flow that will have you coming back for more and asking yourself, “Does she actually love me?”. The detailed beat sticks true to the current wave of R&B music which is the urban trap beats smoothed down into a more suave and feminine manner for singers to deliver more hard-hitting R&B music such as this one.

Flyguy Rufio, born Nigel Thomas, is an American hip-hop/pop recording artist & performer from Los Angeles, California. Born in Hempstead, NY to a Jamaican American family who would soon move to Tampa, FL looking for a better environment.

Rufio’s love for performing, writing, dancing, singing, & rapping began at the early age of 7. He enrolled in musical theater camps, participated in dance troupes, & talent shows to display his skills. Rufio has stayed persistent throughout the years, created a local buzz, & released his first independent project In 2016 titled ‘Layover: Journey to Success’. Flyguy is a man of many talents. His grandfather Paul E. Martin was a well known Soul, Funk, & R&B singer in the 60’s and 70’s. with a hit making billboard top 40 in 1965 & a number one record in Jamaica.

Flyguy Rufio, who currently resides in San Fernando Valley, has the same passion for music & performing as his grandfather. Rufio has performed at Califest and also toured with notable names such as Machine Gun Kelly & opened for French Montana, Post Malone, Omarion and more, performing in California, Atlanta to Central Florida. He has maintained a consistent sound, look, & feel throughout all aspects of his craft. Flyguy’s ambition has him set on becoming a household name in the entertainment industry. There is no denying that he demands to be heard & will one day reach that goal.

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