Adam Dawda – Doubting Me @adamdawda89

Adam Dawda’s latest single “Doubting Me” is an energetic alternative happy-trap inspired banger that uses repetitive lyrics and a catchy cadence to coax and urge the listener in on first listen. The colourful keys and floating piano line is tied together by those very characteristic rattling patterns of trap based hi-hats coupled with an aggressive bass kick and 808 that propels the song with power.

Simple lyrically, the meaning is literal; he says “doubting me, wont you stop it with that shit hey, blocked yo shade I just put you in the past eh” – where he addresses the doubt of others, while playfully and ironically exposing his own vulnerability; his long history battling with self-doubt, perhaps his biggest demon. He also addresses living abroad and being away from family and friends back in Vancouver; “foreign living, been 2 years since I been home now, miss the gang, but I’ll come back when I blow ya” – where he promises to come back eventually, but only after reaching success in his creative pursuit and life.

Adam Dawda is an international model and travelling multi-medium artist who has spent the last 5 years of his life living abroad; everywhere from Shanghai Beijing Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Jakarta, to Kiev and Milan. His passion for creating is continually fed by the new places he experiences, and the people who inhabit them. Adam believes life is a continual process of creation and renewal; of growing into the potential you feel deep inside of yourself, but are afraid of facing.

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