Donny Marvo – DESPIADADO @donnymarvo_

Multi-talented Rap artist Donny Marvo, a South Florida native, is on a verge to become one of the music industry’s greatest rap lyricist to date. His passion for the art form runs deep historically, as he begins to illustrate his expression through vibrant and soulful delivery, with an eye for production, and a seamless cadence which he adheres to effortlessly. Check out his latest video, “DESPIADADO”.

Donny Marvo is an artist from Broward County; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He started producing back in 2014, and started rapping late 2017. Donny takes his time creating to come up with some of the best music he can create. As an artist, Marvo plan to make very timeless music for generations to come. He plans to capture a global audience with his music and help others with the platform, changing the way most music is made nowadays.

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