ChanSe NFO – MOist @chansenfo

ChanSe NFO debuts his new song ‘MOist’ with an amazing JNICO FILMS visual. With Kenneth English on the beat and Theisy to mix and master, ChanSe was easily able to deliver his hardest track to date.

Chanse Potesta is an American rapper better known by his stage name ChanSe NFO. Capturing audiences with his unique flow and signature voice, ChanSe is looking to make a huge impact on the game. “I wanna put people on” is what he says when asked about his goals.

In 2015 ChanSe linked up with Inland Empire’s finest, Jruin, to create Never Fall Off and the NFO brand. The team started growing quickly when the word spread; producers, rappers, singers, innovators, visionaries and more all started to join in on the movement. Southern California was starting to notice.

In 2017 the team organized a tour of the west coast called, ‘The Lucid Experience’ that ended up lasting 2 months. Meeting new fans and old fans for the first time, NFO was definitely on the rise. After the tour, ChanSe decided to expand the NFO brand to the Midwest and flew out to Chicago.

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