NY’s newcomer KEN$Hii BLAKK leaves no remorse nor sympathy for those not worried about a bag on his debut, ground breaking record “Paid In Full”.

KEN$Hii BLAKK is a 1st generation Nigerian artist from the Bronx, New York. KEN$Hii’s biggest influences musically are Jay Z, Kanye West, Travis Scott, and Asap Rocky. KEN$Hii is the creator and 1st advocate for 3500 which to him represents a lifestyle where one is constantly maximizing your natural born potential and constantly striving to improve yourself in all aspects, and chase what your want with nit just 100 percent of your being but rather 3500.

KEN$Hii is also a partner in the hot new streetwear Brand known as Wrath Records which is building major traction in the underground hip hop scene. KEN$Hii’s goal as an artist is to live forever through this music and various other creative endeavors and to inspire others to adapt and live the 3500 lifestyle he promotes. KEN$Hii is not concerned with sounding like his contemporaries and although his music is entire music catalog is on SoundCloud, he does not consider himself a SoundCloud artist, as one of his many ambitious goals is to create Grammy award winning timeless music.

Get in tune with this young man he is definitely incredible wise beyond his years and ready to take the music industry by storm. You can follow him @kenshiiblakk on both twitter and Instagram and be on the look out for his debut project “3500 Tha EP” coming soon.

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